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Advisor Handbook 13-14.pdf
Lake Superior State University mandates that each officially recognized organization must have a faculty or staff member serving as an advisor to the group. The organization is free to choose their advisor, pending approval from Campus Life. The advisor must be a full-time employee of Lake Superior State University and not currently serving as an advisor to more than two (2) non-Greek campus organizations and one (1) social Greek organization.

The advisor serves as an important resource for the organization, providing the basis for long-term stability, as well as growth and development for the students. As the students change from year to year, the attention and guidance of an advisor can have a marked impact on the group he or she works with.

This handbook outlines some of the duties and responsibilities of an advisor, while also serving as a resource of important information.
Page_white_acrobat LSSU Hazing Policy
Hazing Policy.pdf
Since the time of its founding, Lake Superior State University’s primary goal has been to provide excellent instruction and an educational environment which will produce broadly educated responsible citizens who are prepared to serve and to lead in society. Academic instruction and co-curricular activities couple to meet the goals of Lake Superior State University. All members of the University community must be provided the opportunity to function to the best of their individual abilities. One activity that has been an inhibiting factor in achieving the above stated purpose is the practice of hazing. Although hazing has concentrated itself in the social Greek community, other recognized student organizations are not untouched by this unacceptable practice. Therefore, this policy shall apply to all organizations and clubs at Lake Superior State University. (Revised May 2013)
Page_white_acrobat LSSU Posting Policy
Posting Policy (Feb 13).pdf
Publicity for events on the Lake Superior State University campus is allowed for all officially recognized student organizations, clubs, academic classes and departments, and other non-academic LSSU departments. All publicity materials must be approved by the Campus Life Office. (Revised as of Feb. 2013)
Page_white_acrobat LSSU Campus Life Handbook 2013-2014
Campus Life Handbook_August 2013.pdf
This handbook serves as your official guide to the departmental policies and procedures of the Campus Life Office. This document is not meant to supersede the Constitution of the Students.

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